More and more people are surviving cancer— living with, through and beyond cancer. We think of a survivor as anyone who’s diagnosed and living with cancer, from the time of diagnosis, through treatment and after treatment.

Some people think survivor is used only if cancer is cured. They may not like to use the term. Your survivorship journey is unique to you. You and your family will move through the journey in your own way.

Survivorship issues for all 3 stages include health care concerns, as well as emotional, spiritual, physical and nutritional issues.

Cancer survivors may find hope and support in sometimes unexpected areas—a stronger appreciation and recognition of your loved ones and your life priorities.

We’re here to support you in staying as healthy and as active as possible. Please ask any questions and talk to us about your concerns. Let us know how we can help you, as a cancer survivor, live life to the fullest.

Survivorship has 3 stages:

1. Diagnosis and Treatment

The first stage of survivorship refers to living with cancer. This stage includes receiving your diagnosis and treatment for cancer.

2. Right After Treatment

As soon as your treatment ends, you begin living through cancer, the second stage of survivorship. You still see your doctors from your diagnosis and treatment stage, but you transition into seeing them for follow-up care instead of regular treatments.

3. Long-Term Survivorship

Living beyond cancer is long-term survivorship and usually is measured in years. During this stage, you probably will return to seeing your primary care clinician and will have a long-term plan for your health.

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