“Getting cancer changes you,” Amber said.

“You lose some of yourself, but you also find a new you.”

No two patients have the same cancer experience, but one thing they all have in common is hope. Read these inspirational Cancer Center of Western Wisconsin patient stories as they share their first symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

I get world-class care,
close to home.

Robin | Stage 4 Rectal Cancer

Robin has always been a caregiver. She raised three children, took care of her grandmother as she aged and, as a disability benefit specialist for Pierce County, Robin has devoted her career to caring for the physical and emotional needs of people who need support…


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All my specialists are
in one place!

Mike | HPV Throat Cancer

When Mike went in to see his primary care physician for an annual physical in 2020, he was feeling proud of himself. “The last time I had been in, my doctor told me that I needed to lose weight. This time, I was going in 18 pounds lighter…


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My baby and I
needed expert care.

Amber | Stage 3 Breast Cancer

When Amber and her husband, Clint, found out they were pregnant with their second child in October 2022, they were so excited. Their son had just started kindergarten, and the couple was thrilled about growing their family…


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It’s big city care,
a few miles from home.

Jerry | Stage 3 Lung Cancer

In February 2020, while Jerry and his wife were visiting friends in Phoenix, Jerry developed a nasty cough. It lasted for about a week, and then it stopped, so Jerry thought it must have been a cold or bronchitis…


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