Hematology is the study of blood diseases. The Cancer Center of Western Wisconsin treats hematologic cancers – cancers of the blood or bone marrow – with care and compassion.

Hematologic cancers, including lymphoma, myeloma and leukemia, occur because of errors in the genetic information of a blood cell. The cell replicates over and over again, resulting in a large amount of abnormal blood cells that interfere with the normal functioning of the blood, such as fighting infections, transporting oxygen or stopping bleeding.

In leukemia, the cancer cells circulate in the blood and bone marrow. In myeloma, the cancer cells gather in the bone marrow and form a tumor. In lymphoma, the cells tend to clump together to form tumors in the lymphatic tissues, including the lymph nodes.

Comprehensive treatments for hematologic cancers, including new drugs, clinical trialschemotherapy, radiation oncology, immunotherapy and bone marrow biopsies, are available at the Cancer Center of Western Wisconsin (treatment availability may vary by site).

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