Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncology is a specialty that uses ionizing radiation to kill cancer cells. Radiation therapy directs specific doses of high-energy radiation to damage cancer cells DNA, eliminating their ability to multiply and grow.

Highly trained experts carefully plan this type of cancer treatment based on the specific needs of each patient, using advanced imagery of the areas of the body affected by cancer. Radiation may be delivered via highly sophisticated machinery, such as a linear accelerator, or through surgical implantation of radioactive material near the tumor site.

When a patient’s physician or surgeon suspects cancer, the patient is referred to his or her local oncologist at one of the six partner hospital sites. Our multidisciplinary oncology team workw with the patient and family to develop a personalized care plan, in close coordination with the patient’s primary care physician. When the plan includes radiation therapy, that service is provided under the supervision of a radiation oncologist at the Radiation Therapy Center of Western Wisconsin in New Richmond, using the newest technology available anywhere in the world.

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