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Linear Accelerator Radiation Equipment Delivered

The region’s first linear accelerator radiation equipment was delivered to the Cancer Center of Western Wisconsin on Friday, April 1. Located on Wesfields health campus in New Richmond, WI, the Cancer Center is scheduled to open early May 2011 with radiation therapy beginning on-site in mid-June.

Radiation therapy is used for treating certain malignant conditions (cancer), as well as nonmalignant conditions by directing high-energy radiation to the exact location of the cancer. It may be used in combination with surgery and/or chemotherapy. At the Cancer Center of Western Wisconsin, Minneapolis Radiation Oncology, P.A., is committed to offering the most current radiation treatment technology by using the Varian Clinac iX linear accelerator. This high-performance equipment incorporates a broad range of imaging and treatment options. The high-energy X-rays kill cancer cells and shrinks tumors. Although each patient’s course of treatment is different, most receive treatments five days a week for two to eight weeks, with breaks on the weekends. A radiation oncologist will determine the dosage and type of treatment used.

The Cancer Center is a 12,000 square foot oncology and radiation center that will anchor a regional care delivery system specializing in cancer treatment services for patients in the western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota region. The six hospitals partnering to create a cancer care delivery network that brings high-end cancer treatment closer to home for patients and families are: Amery Regional Medical Center, Baldwin Area Medical Center, Hudson Hospital & Clinics, Osceola Medical Center, St. Croix Regional Medical Center and Westfields Hospital. The Cancer Center and partner hospitals will allow patients to receive specialized outpatient cancer treatments including radiation therapy, medical oncology and infusion therapy closer to home.

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