A Cooperative Approach to Healthcare

By working together under the Cancer Center of Western Wisconsin umbrella, we have been able to improve access, care and coordination of services for area cancer patients and their families. For instance, medical oncology and hematology services are provided through HealthPartners Medical Group and radiation therapy services are provided by Minneapolis Radiation Oncology, an affiliate partner.

Other benefits of the cooperative approach to care include:

  • Resource sharing to increase access, convenience and value for patients
  • Economies of scale to efficiently and safely deliver specialty services
  • Reduced duplication of services
  • Coordination of care delivery attracting patients and specialist recruitment

Cancer care capabilities among the six area hospitals are similar and include:

  • Oncology clinics range from one to five days per week among the hospitals, staffed by a board-certified medical oncologist and hematologist
  • Daily infusion chemotherapy services eight hours each business day offered in dedicated space by certified chemotherapy registered nurses
  • Diagnostic capabilities via medical imaging (CT, MRI, mobile PET and mammography) and pathology
  • General surgical capabilities by board-certified surgeons
  • Coordinated home care and home hospice services
  • Enhancement services: massage, aromatherapy, nutrition and spiritual
  • Cancer-specific education and support groups
  • Education services.
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